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A recap: the plan

Just to get you up to speed, if you’ve only just found this blog:

Who am I? Journalist and road tester (former editor of RiDE), writer (the Bikers‘ Britain series). Now freelance.

What’s the bike? My own Kawasaki Z1000SX, with Givi topbox and Oxford throwover panniers.

What’s the plan? To ride from England to Australia through the Americas. Which really means from Toronto to Panama, then freight to Colombia and ride to Santiago in Chile, to freight to Sydney.

How did I get the bike to Toronto? It was shipped by Moto Freight. That cost £1250 (but prices may vary) plus $245 fees in Canada.

How much is the trip costing? Probably too much - so if you like what you read, please click the “support” button on the site and donate a pound or two to help keep me going!

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