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Luxembourg, Ardennes & Eifel

A perfect long weekend in Europe

This four-day trip makes a perfect introduction to European touring, but it's packed with great roads to satisfy even the most experienced tourist too. Laid-back and scenic, with mile after mile of stunning roads – and great places for a coffee. There's lots to see, looping out past atmospheric castles, through historic castles and Europe's most-famouse, fearsome race track – the Nürburgring Nordschleife (don't worry – you're not expected to do a lap... unless you want to!).

Running through France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, it's all great riding easily reached from a Calais crossing. Can easily be expanded to five or six days by adding a couple of daytrips, too. But at it's heart this is a relaxed, rewarding, fun four-day trip.

What’s included on the route? Each day’s route has recommended places to stop for coffee in the morning and afternoon, a suggested lunch stop and planned fuel stops.

How long is each day’s ride? These are full days in the saddle: check-out of the hotel and on the road at 9am, getting to the next location at 5:30-6pm. That's with coffee stops and lunch – it is a proper ride each day but it's not an Iron Butt challenge. It's a laid-back biking holiday. 
Saddle-time rating: six out of 10.

What are the highlights? Each day has its own rewarding sections, from the flowing roads of the French Ardennes to the immaculate, twisty valleys of Luxembourg and the hilly woods of Germany's Eifel mountains and the Belgian Ardennes. There's plenty to see, from the majestic Vianden Castle to the more modern thrills of the Nürburgring – either from a viewing area or the hot seat of a Ring taxi (or even a lap of your own). But the big attraction is the riding on quiet, well-surfaced, twisty roads. 

Why four days? The idea is to pack the maximum amount of riding pleasure into the shortest amount of time. However, it can easily be expanded by adding the Bouillon route from Bikers' Europe: Hidden Gems and the Spa Classic route from Bikers' Europe for a longer trip.

How is it supplied? You can simply download the GPX files and install them in your sat nav. Garmin or BMW Navigator users should download the complete file; TomTom users (or riders using a GPX compatible phone app like Calimoto, Scenic or MyRouteApp Navigator) should download the individual files. However, I strongly recommend getting the tour pack of day-by-day route notes and marked-up maps (not sold separately).

Download the tour

Garmin/BMW users should download the complete-route file. Individual day files should be downloaded for TomTom or GPX-compatible phone apps. 

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