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Route of the week

Essex express


Saturday morning. Nipping out for brunch with my girlfriend on the mighty Honda CrossTourer. Then she had to drop her daughter in Linton for a few hours. Tell you what: I'll follow on the bike, you take your riding kit and leave the car there… we'll go for a ride.

So that's what we did. The improvised route – no sat nav on the CrossTourer at the moment – was a mix of favourite roads and half-remembered roads and some "I wonder where that one goes?" roads that turned out to be great. I even managed to accidentally drop in at the Adventure Bike Shop outside Sudbury and buy a vented jacket (it's raining today...)

Did we manage to get back to Linton in time to collect the offspring? Of course we did. Just taking off our helmets as she walked around the corner with her friend. This version of the route doesn't go to the house, of course, but runs from the petrol station on the main road: an ideal RV point for a cracking weekend ride.

Daytrip GPX files

Downloadable GPX files for daytrip rides in Western Europe, including routes from Bikers' Europe and Bikers' Europe: Hidden Gems. For European tours, click here

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