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Route of the week

Calais corners


Generally, rolling off the Eurotunnel in Calais reminds me of a Le Mans start for a race, though rather than riders dashing for their bikes and tearing away with chaotic speed, motorcyclists roll off onto the motorway and head off as quickly as possible for the Alps or Germany or wherever their tour takes them.

That's a bit of a shame, as there's some nice riding around Calais. Northern France has a bit of a reputation for being nothing but long straight road – and there are plenty of those, it's true... but dig a little deeper and there's some fine riding to be found.

This loop starts and finishes at the Eurotunnel, so it could be a fancy daytrip for people in the South-East: get an early train over; enjoy well-surfaced French roads; get the tunnel back at 5pm-ish. Along the way it also swoops out at several historic sites from World War Two, so there's a bit of history and culture stirred in as well. Lovely!

Daytrip GPX files

Downloadable GPX files for daytrip rides in Western Europe, including routes from Bikers' Europe and Bikers' Europe: Hidden Gems. For European tours, click here

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