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Kingmaker front cover.png

"If you want to save your family,
do exactly what I say"

Josua meets Adler at the worst moment of his life. His father has been murdered, his mother and sister are missing. But the old man is confident he can save them, with the boy's help.

From there Josua is drawn into Adler's world of chivalry and intrigue, meeting princes and kings as the old man fights to defeat an enemy who has bedeviled him for forty years.

Along the way the boy learns how the throne changed hands, who won the last war… and that trolls might be more than stories to frighten children.

As he becomes part of the battle for the soul of the kingdom, Josua discovers secrets about his own family… Secrets that not only put him in danger but also give him a chance to claim the ultimate prize.

But only if he and Adler can unmask the shadowy figure threatening to turn the kingdom to darkness.


Paperback • 333 pages

This book took a long time to write. I started it to encourage my then-teenage son – who loved the Lord of the Rings films but couldn't get into the book – to read more… but then life got in the way with work, divorce, travel and all kinds of chaos putting it not so much on the back burner as in the freezer. 

I picked the half-finished story up two years ago, after my new partner encouraged me to finish it. And to be honest, I was curious to see where it went. Still, life kept getting in the way – setting up my own business, lots more travel, the death of my father, the biking books I was being paid to write... Stuff kept slowing it down. 

But it's done now. I'm pleased that I managed to finish it just before my son finishes university, though that means it's a bit late for its original purpose. But there you go.

It's different to my usual motorcycle-related writing... but I hope you like it all the same.

Silver Trumpet front cover.png

"You have to go away. You aren't safe here"


When 11-year-old Penelope Oaks moves into a new house, she receives a series of mysterious notes. Who is sending them – and why? How do the messages keep appearing in her room when there's nobody there?


Finding out takes her on an incredible journey, facing giant snakes, fiendish magical devices and the wickedest witch who ever lived, in a race to save the world – armed with nothing more than a skipping rope and a pair of secateurs.


Paperback • 310 pages

A children's book originally written to get my daughter interested in reading. It's fast paced and written in short chunks for guided reading – though it is a long book. It's six weeks of bed-time reading if you do it together or a lifetime of inspiration if the kids can read it themselves.

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All copies from the website are signed – and will be dedicated to the person placing the order. Remember to fill that bit out on your order form – especially if your name is Peter but you'd rather have the book addressed to Pete (same goes for William/Bill, James/Jim, Thomas/Tom, Richard/Dick etc...).


If you're buying the book as a gift for someone, use that section to tell me their name. I can even put a particular message in the book for them. Just tell me what to write – as long as it's polite!

The books are on Amazon - for customers outside the UK. Unfortunately, because of Brexit, I can't ship to EU countries. UK Prime customers may receive it faster from there than from me if I'm on the road for a few days.
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