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Be happy, confident and in control

I have a simple philosophy: a happy rider who is confident and in full control of their bike will get more out of every ride - and they'll be safer, too. My aim with all rider coaching is to share the skills I've picked up over the past 30+ years of riding - as an instructor, as a road tester, as a traveller - to build good habits and develop a smooth, safe riding style and focus on enjoying every mile.

Instructing background

Back in 2006, when I was on Bike magazine, I passed my RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction - the highest civilian riding qualification. I did that principally to make sure our better-riding features were sound (and I produced a long-running series called The Riding Clinic). I also began helping the local police force, which was short of police riders, with the BikeSafe scheme - doing rider assessments for seven years, as well as numerous features helping readers of RiDE magazine overcome problems in their riding.

How it works

All advanced training is based on Roadcraft, the system of riding developed for police riders – which is why so many instructors are former police riders. I'm not an ex-policeman so as well as imparting that knowledge, I can draw on my years of experience as a road tester and long-distance rider to help you build confidence and improve your machine control.

Which, I know, sounds as dry as hell. It isn't. The aim is to go for a good ride on a great route and have fun – but to come back a better, safer, more confident rider.

I offer one-to-one training, or one-to-two training if two people book together. It is always focused entirely on your riding: there are no set hoops to jump through; we just work on what's going to help you enjoy your ride safely and confidently. Though when I say "work", it really shouldn't feel like that: the aim is for this to be an enjoyable process, as that makes it easier to learn or refine a skill.

Costs and locations

I charge £25 an hour for half day (four hour) or full day (seven hour) one-to-one sessions, or £30 an hour for one-to-two sessions.


Training is usually based around Snetterton in Norfolk... but with a full day to ride, who knows where the route might take us? The quality of the route is important to make sure you enjoy your session and get the most out of it. However, if you would like the training to be based somewhere else, I can travel to you if my expenses are covered.

Intensive two-day mini-tour training is available, at £20-25 an hour plus overnight costs. Then we can put together a really great ride for you.

British Motorcyclists Federation Blue Riband Rider Award
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Not everyone wants to join an IAM or RoSPA group or go for those tests – so the BMF Blue Riband Rider Award gives them the same opportunity to have the standard of their riding recognised, earning the same insurance discount.

The Blue Riband course is an intensive day-and-a-half, building on and cementing the understanding of Roadcraft and advanced riding - a full day of tuition, which I deliver, followed by a half-day assessment conducted by another impartial BMF-qualified assessor. The course costs £250 (including all test fees).

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