Your next great bike trip

There are some destinations that everyone wants to visit. I'm lucky enough to have spent years touring most of them and more than five years planning trips based on my experience for RiDE readers – so I know what works with this kind of tour (and they've told me what didn't). These new trips are tried, tested and refined – and ready to ride.

How they work

Each tour consists of daily routes, which can be downloaded as individual GPX files (for TomTom or uploading to a compatible phone app) or as a single larger file containing all the routes and some additional waypoints for Garmin/BMW sat navs. Each trip has an accompanying pack of route notes and marked-up maps – which isn't necessary if you really trust your GPX… but I'd strongly recommended it for getting the most out of the tour. 

Don't see what you want?

If you'd like to tour a different area, spend more time somewhere, or generally just have something a little bit different, get in touch for a bespoke tour.

Northern Spain: Pyrenees and Picos de Europa

Duration: eight days   Total mileage: 1475

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

All the best roads to the best towns, with the best views on the best tour of the Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees. Ties in with the Santander ferry. Read more 

Germany/France: Black Forest & Vosges

Duration: six days   Total mileage: 1300

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

A relaxed, rewarding ride through some of Northern Europe's best biking areas. An ideal first European trip with much more than just the Black Forest and the Vosges. Read more 

Ultimate Swiss Mountain Tour
SAT overview lscp.png

Duration: nine days   Total mileage: 1820

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

More highlights than a hairdressing contest, this week-long tour packs all the major Swiss passes into pillion-friendly days for an unforgettable mountain tour. Read more 

Relaxed French Alps
FAT overview lscp.png

Duration: nine days   Total mileage: 1915

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

It's one amazing road after another with this relaxed tour through the French Alps. All the best roads and biggest views, delivered in laid-back daily routes. Read more 

Secret France 

Duration: eight days   Total mileage: 1655

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

Don't follow the crowd, go with the flow: this trip to the quietest corners of France is packed with brilliant riding and amazing sights. Ideal for pillions. Read more 

French Pyrenees
FPT overview landscape.png

Duration: nine days   Total mileage: 2000

Average daily ride: 6-6.5 hours 

Astounding riding – not just in the Pyrenees but all the way across France. It's nine days of stunning countryside, historic towns and villages and awesome roads. Read more 

Portugal & the Picos de Europa

Duration: seven days   Total mileage: 1210

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

The stunning, sun-kissed roads of northern Spain and Portugal, broken up into easily managed daily rides – with a rest day for sightseeing (or exploring). Read more 

Ultimate Austria
Austria landscape.png

Duration: 11 days   Total mileage: 2405

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

Add in your rest days and this is a flexible two-week trip packed not only with amazing riding but also great things to see and places to visit. A perfect trip for two. Read more 

D8T overview landscape.png

Duration: 8 - 9 days   Total mileage: 1895

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

The most beautiful mountain riding in the world - perfect for a relaxed, pillion-friendly one-week tour, with an optional riding/rest day for maximum flexibility. Read more 

CST overview landscape.png

Duration: 14-15 days   Total mileage: 2665

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

This two-week tour is crammed with amazing roads, with great routes across France followed by seven full days exploring the best riding in the Mediterranean - but with provision for two rest days to keep it relaxed and flexible. Suitable for pillions. Read more 


Duration: 7 days   Total mileage: 1330

Average daily ride: 5.5-6 hours 

Why wait for summer in Northern Europe? Fly to sunny Portugal, hire a bike and enjoy not only great weather but also some of the Continent's most amazing riding. Read more