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The Secret Kingmaker

The Secret Kingmaker


"If you want to save your family, do exactly what I say"


Josua meets Adler at the worst moment of his life. His father has been murdered. His mother and sister are missing. But the old man is confident he can save them, with the boy's help.


From there, Josua is drawn into Adler's world of chivalry and intrigue, meeting princes and kings as the old man fights to finally defeat an enemy who has bedeviled him for 40 years.


Along the way the boy learns how the throne changed hands, who really won the last war… and discovers that trolls may be more than stories to frighten children.


As he becomes part of the battle for the soul of the kingdom, Josua discovers secrets about his own family... secrets that not only put him in danger but also give him a chance to claim the ultimate prize.


But only if he and Adler can unmask the shadowy figure threatening to turn the kingdom to darkness.



A straight sword-and-sorcery style adventure. Think Game of Thrones with less sex and fewer dragons. Originally written to get my teenage son – who loved the Lord of the Rings films but couldn't get stuck into the book – inspired to read more.


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