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Meanwhile, back in the real world…

Daydreaming about (I prefer the term "planning") the Big Stupid Trip of a Lifetime is all well and good, but there's plenty that still needs to be done in the meantime – the pressing day-to-day business of trying to earn a living now I'm not on a magazine's payroll. There's a heap of stuff to do on the website, but I'm not happy with the quality of the video I've been shooting so I'm looking into alternative ways to get a better result to make the Basecamp Bootcamp easier to follow.

78 pages down, only 146 to go...

But there's other stuff to do as well. Arguably more important, as it has a very real deadline. I have to get the proofs for the second edition of Bikers' Britain checked and returned to the AA for the end of the month. That's in four days…

I was really pleased with the original Bikers' Britain – it took a bunch of routes I'd created for RiDE, some great single roads that readers had recommended and we'd tied together into a series of regionalised supplements, then added a heap of fresh routes. It was a great success: it's been reprinted multiple times (though I get a flat fee so it's my vanity, not my bank balance, that benefits).

For this second edition we've replaced those single roads with proper routes that include them and added a heap of fresh stuff to address some gaps in the original. For instance, there weren't that many routes in the Midlands in the first edition: now there are plenty, including an all-new Midlands 300 (which was one of the most-fun routes to research and put together – a great long-day in the saddle ride or a relaxed weekend-break type ride).

There's so much great riding in the UK and drawing it together for this book has been hugely rewarding. The team at the AA have done a great job with the design and, especially, the maps so hopefully you'll have as much fun riding these routes yourself as I had researching them. That's assuming I can clamber over the mountain of proofreading before the end of the month.

Better get on with it...

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