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Are you baffled by Basecamp or just frustrated by its foibles? I'm here to help, with simple advice to make this powerful planning tool work for motorcycle touring. It's a big subject, though, so I'll be covering it in short chunks – one step at a time. 

Part 1: Installation

You can't use Basecamp if it's not on your computer. So the first step is to install it. How? It's free from the Garmin website – if you can find it. Open or download the instructions – or watch the video (but not if you're sleepy: you'll nod off in no time. Quality reflects the fact I'm a biker, not Steven Speilberg). 

Part 2: first look

A one-minute video, just showing what you can expect to see when you open Garmin Basecamp for the first time (demo on the Mac version).

Part 3: Seeing maps

A one-minute video, just showing how to see the maps when using Garmin Basecamp for the first time. Hint: you'll want the sat nav connected to the computer…

Part 4: Updating maps

A four-minute video explaining how to update the maps on Garmin motorcycle sat navs – and how to install the maps on the computer, so you can then use Basecamp without having to connect the sat nav

Part 5: Quick routes

A five-minute video looking at one quick way of making routes in Basecamp. This demo is on a Mac

Part 6: Better routes

An eight-minute video (sorry) looking at how to construct a route using waypoints and lists – which is really the basis of getting the most out of Garmin Basecamp.

Part 7: Importing routes

A two-and-a-half minute video looking at importing GPX files from the internet and getting them onto your sat nav.

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